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  • Space-saving compact tie hanger is made of sturdy ABS plastic; Designed to balance perfectly so ties don’t slip off; No more fishing around for ties on the closet floor

  • The original and genuine Aristocrat necktie cross hanger is small, yet it holds up to 20 ties; No double stacking necessary, you can see all your ties at a glance; Folds up neatly to size of one small hanger

  • Clips hold all your ties securely in place; Ties readily accessible due to 360 degree rotation capability

  • Adjustable tie rack organizer, enables you configure it to accommodate number of ties and space available in your closet

  • Easy to use closet tie hanger requires no mounting, just hang in closet and go; Works in large and small closets; Lightweight trademarked tie organizer is of sturdy construction and doesn’t add bulk to your closet; Two-year manufacturer warranty

  • GO BACK UP TO OUR IMAGES AND GET YOUR AMAZING DISCOUNTS Neckties are slippery little devils and often in the night, they slide off your tie rack hanger and fall onto the floor. And there's nothing worse than having to poke around in a dark closet looking for your tie when you're running late in the morning. Or perhaps you drive yourself mad trying to get your tie rack to balance properly. Or you have to dig through the darn thing to find the tie you want. The ones you've tried in the past may have been pretty but they lacked function. The ones that seemed functional just didn't hold up. All you want is a tie holder that works properly so you don't have to think about it. The tie hanger that organizes your ties once and for all Aristocrat Compact Necktie Organizer is the tie hanger that adjusts to your needs. It's not fancy but it gets the job done and does what you want - organizes your ties, holds them firmly in place and keeps them off the closet floor. Our genuine, original cross tie hanger starts off your day right by displaying your ties properly, so all you have to do is grab your favorite tie and go. We've built in all the features you need including: • Balanced to prevent sagging to one side and dumping ties on the floor • Compact and uses minimal space in your closet • Provides organization without adding bulk • Holds up to 20 ties, so no overlapping • Smooth, plastic clips secure your ties in place • Rotates 360 degree for ease of selection • Folds into a small, compact unit Don't accept imitations Aristocrat Compact Necktie Organizer is the only original, genuine compact tie hanger backed by a no risk, no hassle,100% satisfaction guarantee So let's get your ties off the floor! Click on the Buy button to have your Aristocrat Compact Necktie Organizer shipped today.

    Tie Rack Hanger - the Original Necktie Cross Hanger from Aristocrat - 20 Tie Holders - Tie Rack Hanger with Criss-Cross Design – Closet Organizer - B00FIXI1FA

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