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  • 100 FEET OF CLOTHESLINE! We engineered and manufactured clothesline not cotton rope that will rot and break. Built for the outdoors to withstand rain, snow, cold, heat.

  • REVIEWS are great but this is a new product. We are waiting for our recent real customers to send them in after putting our line to the test. We have, and the results beat our expectations for strength and sag.

  • SAVE MONEY AND RESOURCES- Clothes dryers are energy hogs! Using our clothes line will pay for itself in no time and save our planets resources.

  • CLOTHESPINS INCLUDED- These are just your regular basic wooden clothespins. We are including them in the price of the clothesline just incase you do not have any or need few extra. The will work good for chip bag clips if you have the better made ones.

  • LOW STRETCH- Pull it as tight as you can and keep your clean laundry off the ground. It will not break even after years of outdoor use!

  • Size :36 Clothespins  |  Color Name:Fuchsia Sun Rise

    WELCOME TO SUN DRY! Premium clothesline in designer colors to make your laundry time fun. This bundle includes 100 feet of fuchsia sun rise clothesline and 36 standard size wooden clothespins. The clothespins are included just in case you need a few extra or do not have any at all. They are just basic wooden pins. If you need high quality clothes pins check back here soon as we are searching for the best ones to use. If you like to save money or just spend more time outside, hanging your laundry can be the perfect solution. The average family dries 24 loads a week! The sun is free and you can start putting that savings in your pocked today. Tips for hanging your clothes: Go outside enjoy the sun and fresh air. Walk and wipe your clothes line down with a damp cloth removing any dirt or dust. Hand your socks by the Toes. Never hang pants from the waist. Hang your shirts from the tail. Hang your larger items on the outside lines to hide your unmentionables in the inside.

    Sun Dry Clothesline Designer Colors Outdoor Replacement Cord Long Lasting Low Stretch (36 Clothespins Fuchsia Sun Rise) - B07BPP9QLR

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