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  • ☆ Made of high quality natural cedar wood. The cedar wood gives off its pleasant scent in your shoes

  • ☆ The stretchers can also be used to maintain the shape of your shoes to avoid them creasing

  • ☆ Helps with Blisters, Bunions, Calluses, Corns, Hammertoes, Overlapping Toes, Toe Pain, Pinched Toes, and Feel Relief from the Painful Pressure of Tight Shoes.

  • ☆ Suit for: Can be used for sandals,causal shoes,fashion sneakers,flats,pumps,peep toes,pointed toe,wedges,leather shoes etc.

  • ☆ Instructions:Just insert the shoe stretchers into the shoes,rotate the black "Wheel-Shaped" handle and "L-shaped" crank handle to stretch for 24-48 hours for best fit.

  • Size :34~38

    Instruction of Use:
    - Two way stretcher, work for both width and length.
    - Insert the shoe stretchers into your shoes, and turn the "wheel-shaped" and "L-shaped" knob to start stretch.
    - Keep the shoe stretchers inside for 24-48 hours, the longer the better

    - Made of cedar wood
    - Keep shoes shape and absorb moisture
    - Unvarnished means the wood can help moisture dissipate from the leather
    - Fits tightly inside your shoe
    - Springs from end-to-end , as well as laterally in the toe-piece, stretching the shoe slightly
    - The cedar wood gives off its pleasant scent in your shoes
    - The rings help you to carry the shoes and to remove the shoe-tree
    - Side spring mechanism to help fill out the toe area - especially creases
    - Double tube springs to keep firm pressure on the length of the shoe

    Targeted Relief Plugs Included:
    8 removable pressure relief plugs are also included, just insert the required numbers of plugs you need in the appropriate holes where relief is required.

    The product is very sturdy and strong, to avoid any damage to shoes, please do not OVER stretch.

    Adjustable Wooden Shoes Stretcher Shaper Universal Shoes Expander for Men & Women 34~38 - B07DLNP99P

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